Municipal Health Office

Organizational Chart

Feflix G. Nicart
Municipal Health Officer
Contact: 09178245094
Nora Rena P. Solis
Nurse II
Thelma J. Casillano
Midwife II
Deah P. Coles
Medtech I
Marcela B. Ciego
Midwife II
Marivel G. Gulferic
Midwife II
Jocelyn Villarta
Midwife II
Gavina B. Oblino
Midwife I
Renier G. Herbon
Rural Sanitary Inspector

Citizens Charter

Plans and Programs


Can-avid Municipal Hall
Can-avid, Eastern Samar

Office Hours

Mon – Fri 8 am – 5 pm
Saturday/Sunday Closed


RHU 0917-136-7036
PNP 0998-328-6473
BFP 0916-681-2837
RESCUE 0917-118-2194

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