“The greatest among you must be a servant” quoted from Matthew 23:11 is what Mr Gil Norman Papiona Germino, the keen, dynamic and longest-serving Municipal Mayor of the Municipality of Can-avid Eastern Samar, live by. To many, he is known as “Mayor Toytoy” and is said, and actually known, to be one of the good (if not the best) leaders to ever govern in the whole political history of Can-avid.

He is a go-getter even when he was a student (and has a good foundation as an outstanding student-leader) no wonder why he was able to effectuate his dreams for Can-avid and for its people.

He studied and finished his elementary education at Can-avid Central Elementary School, and his secondary education at Taft National High School; both with flying colors. He took up a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology at Divine Word University Tacloban. He is a Medical Technologist by profession. He even studied Law after finishing college because he believes that one can never learn too much.

Politics never runs in their blood. In fact, before he entered politics, he worked as a laboratory technician at RTRMF in Tacloban City for <year/duration>. He also worked at the Provincial Office of Department of Trade and Industry in Eastern Samar for <yea/durationr>.

He has this vision for Can-avid to be a progressive town and the least he can do     is to realize it is to uplift the quality of life of its people. He wanted to be an eye-opener, most especially to the young generation, to make a move which can positively impact the society in the long run.

During the 1992 elections, he was 32 years old at that time; he got elected as the Municipal Vice-Mayor of Can-avid.

He has a strong passion for Change and Good Governance; in Sports, and Environmental Protection, and was even tagged as “Mayor Marisyo” and popularized the taglines “Kalinisan atun gud Batasanon” and ”Can-avid Maupay nga Bungto Padayon it Pag-asenso” in his his first battle cry as Mayor in the year 2001.

Cleanliness received great priority during his incumbency; and through the efforts of Mayor Germino, and by his Pro Environment campaign, the municipality of Can-avid has participated and ranked second place as the Cleanest and Greenest Municipality in the 4th-6th Class category in the year 2002, and won 1st place in the years 2003 and 2004.

“Think Can-avid Think Great” was his re-election campaign propaganda in 2010 where he paid particular attention to Infrastructure development; Opening of Farm to Market Roads; Enhancement of Livelihood projects and Agricultural Production; Implementation of National Greening Program; Mangroves and Beach Forest Trees, in coordination with Bantay Dagat and Bantay Kalinisan in conservation and protection of natural resources; Construction of drainage system for Flood Control Program.

Can-avid became a recipient of DILGs Seal of Good Local Governance and Good Financial House Keeping in the year 2015.

“UPAi-Can-avid”, his motivational strategy for peoples’ unity was marked by unequalled accomplishments in infrastructure development. This includes the construction of Great Park, Evacuation Center, and Climate-Smart Multi-Purpose Covered Courts and Social Buildings.

UPAI stands for “Upayon ta Panlawas, Agricultura, Infrastraktura ngan Industriya.” It means that the administration of Mayor Germino aims to focus on Health, Agriculture and Infrastructure.

Determined and committed to bring his Environmental Advocacy, Mayor Germino created two new offices; (1) the DRRM office whose primary role is for civil protection and disaster management through an integrated Multi Sectoral Approach, equipped and organized CARE TEAM or Can-avid Rescue Team; (2) The MENRO/SWMO office, which was created to spearhead the implementation of RA 9003 the Ecological Solid Waste Management Program, Preserving and conserving the natural resources of the Municipality.

Clean air and solid waste management is a priority program of the Mayor Toytoy the construction of unequalled Enkantadya MFR & Eco-organic Park that caters the biodegradable and Non-biodegradable waste now is becoming the place to be visited by local tourist, having equipped in Recycling equipment, such as Bioreactor, Densefier, and shredder machines.

With the creation of these two offices; Municipality of Can-avid is now set and ready for any Environmental Impact.

In a nutshell, he has done so much for the progress of Can-avid. Not only that he’s able to create an aesthetically pleasing Can-avid with climate-smart infrastructures, and transform some ill-mannered people, he has also given the beautiful people the confidence to say “I am a Can-avidnon” as a result of all his hard work.

He was able to attain all these because he always believes that the greatest achievements he can do are those that benefit others. Truly, he is one selfless, competent and outstanding leader.




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